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Bare by Elizabeth is a luxury boudoir + portrait brand based in Houston, TX
timeless + modern, we specialize in naturally lit portraits for the modern woman.
Here you can find all the details and pricing.

Are you ready yet?

Let us show you there is no secret sauce, it's about us having a good time and letting the true beauty of the moment shine. Kinda like you ;) From the location, to your hair and makeup and your wardrobe, to the poses we use and the lighting we utilize - your boudoir session will be completely tailored to you and your unique style and beauty. Together we will showcase all of your natural beauty and emphasize your favorite ass(ets), all while having a hell of a good time together. 

Let me guess, you are a fun and quirky soul that thinks you aren't photogenic...

Think again hunni!

up to 2 wardrobe looks
45 minute portrait session with Elizabeth
10 digital files with a print release

The Petite Collection


The Bridal Collection

up to 3 boudoir looks plus
a bridal boudoir look
2 hour portrait session with Elizabeth
50 digital files and a print release
8x8 custom album 


up to 3 wardrobe looks
1 hour portrait session with Elizabeth
20 digital files with a print release
4x6 printed photographs tied in ribbon


The Bare Collection

50% of your collection is due at the time of booking to secure your session date on our calendar, second half due 1 week before session date.

Together we are going to strip away all of your insecurities and hesitations and document the captivating woman that you are. We are going to bring light to the most intimate side of you. The side of you that you'll forever be SO GRATEFUL you took the time to photograph.

Let loose

Your smile. The freckles dusting your shoulder tops. The curve of your hip and the shape of your lips. We are going to get intimate and candid, taking time to focus on the little details that make you YOU, while taking portraits that highlight your favorite parts of yourself.


Be prepared to get

Less is more when it comes to your boudoir session. You don't need tons of props and extras. In fact, you don't even need wardrobe if we're being honest... I mean, our brand name IS Bare, after all. we can do your session with nada. Ask to see examples ;)

Simple is better

from your session with Bare

what to expect

She empowers women to feel strong, beautiful, and makes you feel invincible. I booked a session with Elizabeth and she was so professional, she made me feel comfortable and not awkward, and she executes her shoots flawlessly with insane attention to detail. She is incredibly talented and I highly recommend to book with her! 

Bare by Elizabeth


Brianne H.

From the moment I walked in to my session I felt like I was meeting old friends. I had already spoken with Elizabeth on the phone a couple of times, chatted via email about the details of my session, and she even helped me choose the perfect wardrobe! Victoria listened to exactly what I wanted for my hair and makeup and made me look and feel 1000x better than I even imagined. I was literally blown away when she handed me that mirror to check myself out! And during my portrait session [with Elizabeth] I felt completely at ease and comfortable. I left there that day feeling so empowered and beautiful. It was an experience of a lifetime, and one that I'll recommend to all of my friends for sure!

Bare by Elizabeth


Amanda S.

“I booked my boudoir session with Elizabeth because I wanted a special memento to give my wife before our wedding anniversary. Even though I booked with a present for my spouse in mind, my boudoir photo session with Elizabeth is easily one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever given to myself. As a woman, having a safe space to freely celebrate my femininity was an incredible experience. The combination of hair, makeup, and Elizabeth’s consultation on my choice for wardrobe made me feel at my best and totally prepared to be in front of the lens. Elizabeth guided me through the session seamlessly with knowledge and ease, which made the entire experience comfortable and fun. The photos from my boudoir session turned out beautifully - Elizabeth’s eye for intimate portrait photography is truly magical. I’ll treasure these photos forever.”

Memoir Portrait Studio


Whitnee R.

Heard through the grapevine

you may be wondering about some things

Frequently Asked Questions

Our answer for this question is and will always be YES. For one, nobody wants to be stressing about getting their hair just right or the wing on their eyeliner perfectly even on each side while getting ready for a photo session. Let someone else handle it for you. And for two, 10x out of 10 professional makeup shows up better on camera than if you did it at home. EVEN if you're going for a natural, no-makeup makeup look. Not to mention, we will only put you with an artist we trust and KNOW will do a fabulous job. Just trust us. 

While we are not going to tell you NO, based on personal experience Elizabeth definitely prefers to work one on one with clients, simply because sometimes an ‘audience’ can make you feel more self conscious. If you must bring someone for moral support, we limit it to one person.

We love to and often do our shoots at Carr Mansion, located in Galveston, TX. Carr has a beautiful, mid-century modern aesthetic that lends perfectly to Elizabeth's style of photography and we urge you to check it out for yourself, here. Bonus? Costs associated with renting this location are taken care of by us. However, if you'd like to opt for a different location that is certainly OK and welcomed! Clients are responsible for any fees associated with alternate locations, including parking.

The answer to this question is while yes we CAN, no we will NOT. You are beautiful and worthy just the way you are, and we refuse to alter any part of your body that is part of who you are. This means we will not alter your body size, or make you look "thinner", we will not alter the size of your hips or your breasts or your jawline or arms. We will not edit out things that are a permanent part of you. However with that being said, we all have insecurities and things we don't love as much as other parts of ourselves - so we will put our focus on the things you DO love, and highlight and accentuate those areas, while using lighting and posing to take focus away from the areas you don't love as much :) 

Due to the custom nature of photography, the session fees and any products ordered are non-refundable under all circumstances. You have final say on the retouching and any custom album design and nothing goes to print without your approval.